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Renting a London Flat - What you need to know

If you intend to rent a flat you should be aware of certain responsibilities and obligations which affect you as Tenant. This is written to help you understand your rights and obligations, but the contents are intended only as information. This page does not form part of the contract between Pimlico Flats and any Tenant. It is intended to provide helpful information only. A successful tenancy is founded on goodwill, and fair play on both sides. We hope that you find that you are treated fairly by Pimlico Flats, and that if you are unhappy with your treatment you will feel able to make a complaint.

The Tenancy Agreement

Almost certainly all tenancies will use a letting agreement called the Assured Shorthold Tenancy. This agreement takes the form specified by law (Part 1 of the Housing Act 1988 as amended under part 3 of the Housing Act 1996 & the Housing Act 2004) and those Housing Acts protect the rights of the tenant. Pimlico Flats normally enter into a standard tenancy of 6 months, but we will agree a tenancy of any length that you want security for (subject to an agreed rent). At the end of the tenancy if neither of us have served notice on the other to terminate the agreement, it continues until one of us serves notice or it is replaced with another agreement, in what is known as a "Periodic Tenancy". The important points about a tenancy agreement are:

Charges to Rent a Flat

At the time that you commit to renting a flat you will be required to pay a payment of £300 pending preparation of references and tenancy agreement. Should you withdraw from the tenancy this sum will be forfeit to compensate us for having to re-advertise the property. If we withdraw from the tenancy the deposit will be returned in full, should we proceed to a tenancy the payment will be taken as an administration charge (as of October 2011 £300) taken at the beginning of the Tenancy to cover the costs of changing a tenancy:

To put these charges in perspective the local letting agent made the following equivalent charges in 2010: The charges by a letting agent are subject to VAT ours are not.

We take a security deposit which is protected according to statute. You will be given details of where your deposit is protected within 30 days of the tenancy commencing

Utilities - Gas, Electricity, Council Tax, Telephone and Water Charges

We make clear when Utilities are included in the rent, and when they are excluded. If the utilities are the tenants responsibility it is essential that the TENANT completes the necessary application forms and pays the relevant charges for the electricity, gas and telephone, failing which the services will probably be disconnected soon after taking occupation. Final readings for the services should be taken upon vacation of the property, and given to the Landlord with your forwarding address in order to terminate any further liability. These will be recorded on our "Notice to Terminate" form.


Your agreement makes explicit what charges are included. With a few exceptions the Tenant is generally liable for the Council Tax on the property for the term of the Tenancy. You should notify Westminster City Council of the date that your tenancy agreement commences (not your date of occupation) at the commencement and likewise inform the Council when the tenancy ends (again this may not be when you vacate). We will supply the property reference number to quote.

In all Properties Pimlico Flats is responsible for the water rates.

Rental Payments

Rent is due monthly in advance payable at the commencement of the tenancy and then every 1st of the month thereafter by Standing Order, until the penultimate month of the tenancy.

The Tenant should record exactly when the rental payments are due and there is no legal obligation on the part of the Landlord to send out rent demands.

The Landlord is entitled to charge interest on all rental which is in arrears. At the present time this is charged at 7% above BoE Base Rate. All long term rentals are paid per calendar month. Rent is clearly stipulated within the Tenancy Agreement and should be paid by Standing Order, although we will accept Cheques and Cash by arrangement. Please try to be punctual with rent payment as it is costly, unpleasant, and annoying to be chasing stragglers over rent. If you have a problem paying your rent please discuss the problem as soon as possible.

Maintenance and Care of the Flat

We monitor and care for our flats and your safety and security continually. CCTV secures the approaches and entrances 24/7. Someone visits and checks every day.

The Landlord & Tenant will agree an Inventory of the Fixtures and Furnishings at the property. The Tenant is expected to check sign and return this within 7 days, failing which the Inventory will be deemed correct and used for check-out purposes. There are no charges to the Tenant at the end of the tenancy for checking the Dilapidations, unless the tenant wishes to employ their own clerk.

The Tenant should insure their own personal effects as the Landlord does not insure them.

Because of Fire Regulations Cycles cannot be left in the Halls & Staircases.

The Landlord is responsible for the maintenance of the Building (Structure & Services) Fabric and the cleaning of common parts. To this end Pimlico Flats retain a Manager (Mr George Mooney 07947 777575) for regular maintenance & emergency call-outs. George visits every day.

Tenants have their own responsibility for Day to Day maintenance (e.g. keeping drainholes clear, cleaning Balconies/Yards, not overloading power circuits), so please be aware that you may be liable for callout charges or damages when a problem has been caused by you, your lack of action, or if the work is not the Landlord's responsibility (e.g. flooding from blocked drains, changing fuses, changing light bulbs...).

Please follow the following procedures with faults:

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