How to Use Editing Buttons

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How to Use Editing Buttons

Postby Nick » Tue Nov 22, 2011 12:46 pm

When you are typing a message there are a pile of buttons above the editing window.


Clicking on one puts a code into your posting. Different codes do different things, hovering over a button shows you how to use it.

Most are common across all phpBB boards, but I have written several myself, such as ROFL

A special one is the Code Button which allows you to display code without it being enacted. So to show you the code for ROFL I post it thus:

Code: Select all

Here is an example of the effect of some standard buttons from the editing window


Nick Manually wrote:I sometimes manually add who I am quoting.

  • I like this one
  • And use it a lot
  1. I like this one
  2. And use it a lot
  3. See?

That was achieved using the buttons to produce

Code: Select all
[quote="Nick Manually"]I sometimes manually add who I am quoting.[/quote]
[list][*]I like this one
[*]And use it a lot[/list]
[list=1][*]I like this one
[*]And use it a lot
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