Do Landlords have to know that a Tenant is CLaiming LHA

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Do Landlords have to know that a Tenant is CLaiming LHA

Postby Nick » Tue May 26, 2009 12:10 pm

John wrote:Do you have many tenants receiving state support (LHA, etc)?

Landlords aren't supposed to know. You'd be surprised who claims benefit - we had a Law Lecturer at London University who used to claim benefit during the vacations - that one rather surprised me! It's a few years ago now, I don't know if the rules have been tightened up.

John wrote:Are you saying that with LHA there is no need for the landlord to be involved in the paperwork?

No need and I think current LA policy is that they don't want Landlords to know in case the Landlords put rents up. Under current rules if a Landlord charges less than the LHA the tenant gets to keep the difference up to £15. Very often I get to know that a tenant is claiming benefit because they come to me asking me to write letters to them for things like how much of their rent is for utilities, but a Landlord isn't part of the process and never has been.
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