Changes to Renting in Wales

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Changes to Renting in Wales

Postby Nick » Sat Oct 13, 2012 9:33 pm

An extract from the excellent blog Nearly Legal of the changes to renting law in Wales which will effect landlords:

In essence, licensing, a proposal which New Labour toyed with and which derives to an extent from the watered down version presented in the Rugg and Rhodes review (don’t ask me what I thought of that, grr); except that Wales is doing what might be termed licensing +. The plan is to put together a comprehensive online database of private sector landlords and management agents, and there will be a penalty if they fail to register and commit a criminal offence. The “+” element is that landlord have to pass a “suitability” test. A person will only be licensed if they complete an accredited training course and encouraged to take CPD courses. Management and letting agents are part of the scheme although penalties for breaking the law are greater.

Tenancy reform

Following on the White Paper, I gather there have been some moves towards tenancy reform although my suspicion is that this is unlikely to be in the 2013 housing Bill. Consumer Focus Wales produced some research on tenant understandings of the private rented sector, which demonstrated (unsurprisingly) a high degree of lack of knowledge and appreciation of tenancy agreements together with disclosure of what I think of as the usual problems with the sector, viz “the standard of properties that they were living in, describing a lack of cleanliness, poor quality fixtures and fittings”. What was particularly interesting about that research was that many landlords and letting agents who were interviewed by the researchers tended to support the reforming zeal of the government.
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