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Estate Agents

Postby Lynda » Thu Jun 04, 2009 6:54 pm

I reckon they are a bunch of con merchants.

We were encouraged to view a property on Saturday and afterwards, hassled to make an offer - which we did. The agent then told us that the vendor wasn't prepared to accept an offer from anyone who hadn't already sold their current home. Why couldn't he have mentioned that before we travelled 40 miles for nothing?

I got an email from Rightmove yesterday with a new listing and immediately contacted the agents. They finally contacted me today to say that it's under offer even though the price hasn't yet been negotiated so we can't view it. How did that happen so quickly.

And the For Sale sign that has been outside our house for two weeks was removed this afternoon. We didn't move it and the Agent knows nothing about it. We keep getting letters and personal visits from other agents in this area so we wonder if one of them has removed it. It happened whilst we were showing someone round the house. She said it was there when she arrived - that's how she found the house so easily but it was gone when she left.
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