Tax Evading Landlords - Don't Call A Plumber!

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Tax Evading Landlords - Don't Call A Plumber!

Postby Nick » Sun Feb 24, 2013 2:37 pm

I was reading the HMRC Tax Evasion Report (as you do) when I noticed that the Data Mining system "Connect" that they use to link up databases, uses Gas Safe records to catch plumbers fiddling their income. No doubt it uses the same information to catch Landlords not declaring income from houses!


• Contains more than a billion records. This
includes taxpayer records as well as information
from third parties and from the internet.
• Has a huge range of data including income,
interest on wealth in bank accounts, taxes paid
and unpaid, business ownership, and data from
tax authorities in other countries.
• Uses analytics to spot connections that show
the true levels of income and spending that
reveal those evading their taxes.
• Is widely recognised as an example of
excellence in the UK, having recently won major
awards: ‘IT outsourcing project of the year’;
the British Computer Society ‘Big Data project
of the year’; and the ‘Civil Service Science and
Technology Award’

Using third party data HMRC identified an
individual who was found to have 11 undisclosed
properties in several Mediterranean countries. The
total cost of the properties exceeded €1.3 million
despite the individual declaring UK income of
just £6,000.

Following the recent plumbers’ tax safe campaign,
investigations were targeted against five individuals
who did not take the opportunity to put their tax
affairs in order. Using Connect to link up tax and
third party data, such as Gas SAFE registrations,
they were made to repay more than £400,000 and
received sentences of up to 12 months in prison.
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