LACORS Fire Safety Guidance - Tribunal Decision

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LACORS Fire Safety Guidance - Tribunal Decision

Postby Jo King » Mon May 13, 2013 9:48 am

From The Guild of Residential Landlords which I hope Adrian won't mind me quoting as it's been something I've discussed with other landlords several times:

This is an article which has been in my to do list for a while now. It's an Upper Tribunal decision clarifying that the LACORS fire safety guidance should be used by local authorities when assessing the hazard of fire under the housing health and safety rating system.

Note the comment at the bottom

This is a useful case which clarifies the position that not only is the statutory guidance to be used as required by section 9 Housing Act 2004 but also the fire safety guidance produced by LACORS (as it was then called, now Local Government Regulation) should be used where the hazard being assessed is that of fire.
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