The Tenants Deposit - and an old thread

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The Tenants Deposit - and an old thread

Postby ellen » Thu Mar 12, 2015 7:21 pm

I happened to find an old complaint against a letting agent we used, Edward Taub, and how they retained part of a deposit for 'cleaning' after being given back a fully cleaned flat - from Lynda way back in 2010. (viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1981&p=19523&hilit=edward+taub#p19523)

We had the misfortune of having to deal with this letting agent. They served us notice as our AST was coming to an end and when I contacted the landlord it transpired that he knew nothing about it and was happy to keep us on at the same rent. Presumably they would get more money by kicking us out. We stayed there for almost three years and there were problems with the plumbing that they never resolved. They sent their handyman round to do a plumbers job and the issue was never resolved. We were constantly reminding them about it and they never paid a plumber to solve it. Nearly three years in we were served notice as the owner wanted to sell the house. A women from the agency came round and behaved live the water damage that we had been constantly reminding her of, was all new. When I told her I kept all the emails of when I reminded her of the water leakage dating right back to the beginning of the tenancy, she replied "We'll see". I had the foresight to hire a plumber to assess what the damage was and it turned out there was some substandard workmanship that was responsible. I did this in order to protect our deposit and I shared the plumbers findings with the landlord and the agent.
We followed the checkout to the letter. We had the carpets and curtains cleaned and left the house very clean. We replaced/ repaired anything that needed it and I went around the house with a camcorder to show how clean it was before we left. The was a pool in the garden which had a filter that didn't work properly in all the time we were there. We never had a pool in the past but were told just to add chlorine and chemicals.

OK, So we moved out and we didn't hear anything from anyone for ages about the deposit. We chased them up several times and they breached the terms of the deposit in being too slow to answer us - over one month. Then they dragged their feet and it was more then two months after we had left the house that we were send Edward Taubs assessment. They wanted to hold £830 to fix up the pool and £200 for cleaning. Nothing in the contract made us liable for the pool which was broken anyway. We advised them the amount involved was too much to allow the TDS adjudicate and we would take this to the county court. They then had a change of heart and dropped the swimming pool charge but wanted to increase the cleaning charge from £200 to £300. We then decided it would be easier to allow the TDS deal with this because we had photographs of how clean the house was and felt they would not allow a revised upward charge for cleaning based on not being able to trick us out of the swimming pool charge...... However, they did, and they withheld all £300 for very spurious cleaning charges. I guess TDS are hired by the agent even though they are paid for by the tenant....

So my suggestion is to photograph everything and unless you are talking about small amounts being withheld on your deposit, forget intermediaries and take your dispute to the county court.
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Re: The Tenants Deposit - and an old thread

Postby Monthearly » Thu Sep 29, 2016 10:20 am

From all that I have read. It is helpful to know which were very good too.
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